Through different art forms, Chris Walker has always been a storyteller. When the band Substereo was formed it was clear that this was the perfect project to communicate these stories through the music that was already running through his veins. The four-piece rock band quickly established a sound that is inspired by artists like Pink Floyd, Foo Fighters, and John Mayer.

Originally from Copenhagen, the band made its debut with the album Fuel For The Revolution (2013), produced by multi-platinum award winning producer Dito Godwin. After numerous concerts and performances in Scandinavia and Europe, the band followed the success of the first album by releasing the self-produced concept album Nowhereland. The album was based on and accompanied by a novelette written and illustrated by frontman Chris Angel Walker.

Unfortunately, while recording their second studio album, the band took a serious hit. Chris had suddenly lost his voice to vocal-cord paralysis. The professional opinion was that it might be permanent. It took almost a year to record the vocal tracks for the album. Against all odds the album was released at the the end of 2016.

The band experienced a kind of re-birth in 2018 with a renewed lineup in Berlin, and got ready for the next chapter of its story. The flame of Substereo was lit anew. More dedicated than ever, they are now performing, recording and writing music and are taking on the battle together. So as the French would say, Substereo has had a kind of renaissance.


Chris currently lives in Berlin and was born in Vienna, Austria to Danish & Mexican/American parents. He has lived in numerous countries around the world. A former army officer and a veteran of Iraq and Ethiopia/Eritrea, Chris is now a full-time songwriter and musician.


Nic is from Berlin and has studied drums at the British & Irish Modern Music Institute. He has played with a number of artists ranging from jazz to hip hop. This gives him a unique approach to songwriting which allows him to incorporate all of these sounds and ads a unique flavor to Substereo.


Baptiste is from Paris, France and has many years of experience in the music business, having worked with a number of prominent musicians and producers in Europe. Baptiste has an extremely broad taste in music, and composes music with a variety of different approaches.